Social events

Social events

There are two social events planned during the central week of the DARIAH Annual Event, on November 12 and 13, hosted by Croatia and Greece respectively. 

Social Event Croatia: Bringing ZAGREB to YOU!

November 12, 17:00-18:00 CET

Although the world has decided to change all our plans in 2020, we refused to accept the complete cancelation of the annual event in Croatia. As you weren't able to come to Zagreb, we decided to bring our city to you! At least for 60 minutes at the Zoom meeting. :)

Join us live on Nov 12th at 5 pm CET, choose some comfortable place to sit and take your favorite drink with you. That is your to-do list. And ours? We'll prepare the best possible 60-minute invitation to our city, so that you join us some other time when Corona will only be a popular beer to toast with! 

Social Event Greece: Dance-along! 

November 13, 17:00-18:00 CET

For the Greek-themed Social Event, we would like to invite all participants to dance along with us in preparation and anticipation of the next DARIAH-EU event in Athens. Here are the steps:

    • Open this YouTube link:
    • As you may notice, you are listening to the famous Syrtaki. Syrtaki is a media invention. When Anthony Quinn taught Alan Bates to dance in "Zorba the Greek", he was performing a combination of two traditional Greek dances, Vari Hasapiko and fast Hasapiko, appropriately choreogtaphed to match the musical score written by Mikis Theodorakis. Starting slow and building up to a frenetic climax, it was a triumphant way to end the movie.  Quinn had learned a more difficult dance, but sprained his ankle before shooting, so the final product is hardly a Greek dance at all.
    • Just listen to the music, which we are sure many of you are familiar with already. Don't be intimidated by the dancers, we are not expecting anything like this from you!
    • Set your mobile phone on portrait mode (we want to be able to see your whole bodies rather than just your faces), start a video recording, and start dancing to the music. Please dance along the entire piece.
    • You are encouraged to dance indoors, outdoors, in your home office, with other members of your household, your pets, or just on your own!
    • As you may notice, the melody starts slow with variations. Sometimes the music gradually increases to a faster tempo. Sometimes it even slows and speeds several times. Have fun with it. More than any other dance, with Syrtaki there is no right way or wrong way. Again, have fun and show it!
    • Send Agiati Benardou ( your video recording by Friday, November 6th. Also do not hesitate to contact her in case you have any queries. 
    • Once we have received all your recordings, ATHENA R.C. will edit/montage a video of all of us dancing to the tune.
    • Stay tuned at the Greek Social Event during the DARIAH AE2020 for a dance-along get-together with all fellow DARIAHns!
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